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Originally Posted by Jet Black View Post
That's interesting - if the game doesn't have a menu, and Battlelog is down, does that prevent people from playing Singleplayer or even messing around with settings, direct-connecting to servers, etc... when the game is live?

That's kinda stinky...
You wouldnt be able to do anything anyway. If Battlelog is down, the login server would probably be down - which means you wouldnt be able to play singleplayer from an ingame menu because you'd have to log in to the game first. I really think all the complaints about battlelog is unwarranted. I'm finding it excellent and fast. The server browser may not be perfect and could use improvement but it is a MILLION GAZILLION times better than utter shite that was in BC2 at release. It didnt even work.

Anyway, I got to play Caspian: NOW THIS IS A REAL BATTLEFIELD GAME!!! Its pure awesome!!! FFS DICE make it public, its easy to bypass the password. Sure there's bugs but it works and is fantastic BF gameplay.

But there is one thing that ruin so much of the enjoyment for me... Squads. My God DICE. Why cant we join our own squads?! It wrecks the entire idea of playing with friends, having to rely on pure chance to end up in the same squad upon joining a server (if you dont you're screwed). Some might say "You no suppose to play f00l, beta test, bug report!!!". They havent even told us how to report bugs, so I call it what it is: A very, very buggy demo
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