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ATI Technologies ATI Tray Tools (March 16, 2005) (March 16, 2005)

+ Updated plug-ins API. Included support for reading temperature values.
+ Improved 3D detection for Direct3D applications.
+ Updated auto 2d/3d Overclocking for OGL subsystem. Be informed the ATT incompatible with FRAPS 2.0 (for OpenGL only) and it will not be able to detect OGL games, autoverclock for OGL games, show OSD (fps) and flash information!
+ Added new module "OnScreen Display" with ability to show FPS and OSD Flash with information about current GPU/Memory speeds, temperatures and FAN Speed. OSD Flash has 3 modes to show information:
1. Auto flash every x minutes for xx seconds
2. Show all times.
3. Manual. (by hot key)
Be informed! If you select mode number 2, you must activate "Hardware Monitoring" to allow OSD Flash module show correct values for speed and temperatures!
At this moment module supports only OpenGL games and applications.
+ Added two global hot keys to change OSD Screen Corner and manually flash OSD information.
+ Added Overlay adjustment for secondary device (TV or Monitor)
+ Added Video Mode option in TV Properties. You can enable this option if your resolution is not bigger than 640x480. But if you enable TV as Clone of primary display (at any resolution), set Theater mode to "Theater" and start playing Video Files then you can activate Video Mode regardless of your video resolution. Or you can create profile with "Video Mode" activated, load it at any time and when you start to play video files, the "Video Mode" will be activated automatically.
+ Auto 2D/3D Overclocking options have been moved from "Overclocking" module to new "Automatic 2D/3D Overclocking" module.
+ Upgraded "Monitoring Graphs" module. Now each monitor can contain any monitoring sources. You can specify different colors for each monitor source. Updated "Export to TXT" and "Export to CSV" options to include all active sources in selected monitor.
+ Updated information database. Included device ID for FireGL series
+ Added support for FireGL X3-256, FireGL V5x00.
+ Updated "Use DDC" option. Now ATT will not reapply video settings if you change "Use DDC" option only.

Download them here.
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