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PII-350 [email protected] Mhz
256 MB
Chaintech 6BTM motherboard
6.4 + 4.2 UDMA WD Harddisk
IBM Deskstar 80 Gb Harddisk
Geforce2 MX200 pro + tvout + 32 MB
Logitech I-touch Keyboard + mouse
HP 8100i @ sony CRX100

Windows XP Pro...

The strangest thing is, that it has been working for a long time now... I got these problems since I changed the batteries from my keyboard (due to "device connected to channel 1")

If you can help me...please!!!!
(1) Core2Duo [email protected] / Zalman CNPS9500LED / 2 Gig DDR2 / X1900XT / 2x 320GB / 22" Widescreen
(2+3) Athlon XP 2600

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