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Originally Posted by Tork64 View Post
So.. is there any place that sells this game for $30 atm?
Got it for $34 off cdkeysdiscount last night.

Originally Posted by RealyPssd View Post
I've been trying to join an MP game for at least the last 10 minutes...

By the time anything happens as a result of me pushing the join server button, the server is full..

I pressed the "Quick Match" button 5 minutes ago and still nothing..

Anyone else having these troubles?

Edit: I finally managed to join a game and then CTD'd =(
I had trouble earlier tonight and had better luck when I filtered out all the servers that weren't 5+ free spots. I agree, tho, it's annoying.

Originally Posted by Chubz View Post
Excellent footage showing just how laughable the SP campaign is:

I have to agree with his Homefront comparison 100%. In fact, I'd advise that you check out his Homefront video which demonstrates exactly why that game, like Battlefield 3, sticks with the formula so many developers today use and desperately need to break away from. He's one of the few commentators who truly understands the crap we're being fed and does a great job showing and exploiting it - probably far better than I could ever do.
That dude is trolling hard. It's really not that difficult to turn the sound down and do a voice-over of stupid just about any game is. I hardly watched that b/c it was pissing me off but I caught him dissing the fighter jet sequence... I thought that part of the game was pretty sweet.

Originally Posted by night View Post
WTH, game was playing great last night, now it is stuttering like a bitch
I had some issues when turning around fast where the screen almost felt like it was stuttering. I was getting over 60fps at the time. I turned off v-sync and it went away. I'd like to get vsync back on if anyone has a fix. Maybe I'll try new drivers.
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