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I think it will be new game. 2 years is what they've been going with so far.

They might release another story DLC in the meantime, so that season pass might actually be worthwhile.

I like this direction they're going with. I was wondering when they were going to start addressing the height of the Greek and Roman empires. If the next game is set in Greece, think that inevitably means the next one after that would be set in Rome, perhaps around the time of Julius Ceasar. Rome around that time would be .

This new direction is great. I really disliked Unity and Syndicate. Both felt like the same bland game with different wallpaper.

Right now I rank Black Flag as #1, Assassins Creed 2 (mainly the first two in the series) #2, Origins #3 and the original #4. The rest were just so so.
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But hey, let us not forget that while you bemoan about how Hollywood is bending over backwards for that market, you're also asking them to simultaneously consider the 'delicate' sensibilities of those state side who need to see a flag plastered all over the place like some Michael Bay movie barfed into another equally worse Michael Bay movie that then **** into the mouth of the team who designs the Call of Duty campaigns with all of their red, white and blue awesomeness with such an overly large boner for America that one does not need to actually 'fly' to the moon, they simply could tight rope on top if it. And if you're concerned about whether or not that penis is strong enough to be load bearing for such a journey, you forget that what fills all of those engorged crevices is freedom.

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