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Murmillo is still being judged by the masses


I see the same thing happening in WoW that happened to Lineage II. The GM just don't give a ****. They are spending 99% of thier time "looking" for farmers, find them to only give them a warning about farming while 100% of the player base wants those few people kicked. Huge player bugs which are just out right ignored in favor of a new quest, which ends up being bugged too. WTF Mates. I won't go into balance because one persons nerfed Rouge is another persons overpowered Pally. I understand balance is a hard thing to nail down, as some people are too blind by thier own stupidty to make what they have work. But come on, just letting bugs grow and fester like a big red zit at the tip of your nose?. I thought you were better then that Blizzard.
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