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Originally Posted by Canadian_2K
Physical addiction vs. psychological addiction. A physical addiction comes from an actual physical need, whereas a psychological addiction comes from a sort of pleasure you get from whatever activity. Are you saying we should ban things that make people happy because they might want more happiness?

Well lets look at that a moment, lets say a man has a psychological addiction to stealing, should when then allow him to still since it gives him pleasure? How about gamblers that lose their rent andfood money making families homeless?

Your question is STUPID, no one is saying ban things that provide pleasure. I am saying that a serious look at the MMORPG might be needed at SOME TIME. The game is DESIGNED to addict you.

Now the question I am posing is if we have something DESIGNED to addict you, and that addicition is proven to have detrimental effects on yours and others lives, should we not look into the problem?

I mean drinking is a great example, tears up families and is legal and can even be an acceptable activity in moderation. However we actively seek to stop addicition, should we not do so with any form of entertainment that does the same thing?
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