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Originally Posted by Crisler
There are some EXCELLENT articles out there about addiction in the case of MMORPGs. With all the data they have generated it is clear that such addiction does exist and is one the rise.

What I find really interesting is that the makers of these games create the games to be addictive, even making sure the additions increase the addictive factor. Now when we found out that the tobacco companies where doing this we went berserk as a people and demanded they stop.

Now dont get me wrong I will not claim that MMORPGs can be compared to smoking and cancer. However they do have a detrimental effect on your life and that of others if the addiction is unchecked. It can leead to maritial issues that effect not just the adults but the kids. It can lead to employment issues again effecting a lot of people.

I know for a fact one addict that morgaged his house to make sure he had enough cash to bid on an ISK purchase for Eve on Ebay.

As for WoW in particular, I found it boring and did not play long. I was addicted to Eve, putting in 6 hours or more each night. I quit and was okay till I tried CoH and then was doing it again. I finally quit the other day, solo play for me from here on out..
Physical addiction vs. psychological addiction. A physical addiction comes from an actual physical need, whereas a psychological addiction comes from a sort of pleasure you get from whatever activity. Are you saying we should ban things that make people happy because they might want more happiness?
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