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Cool Just want drivers that fix problems and are stable

Does not matter to me if the driver is beta "leaked" or officially released. I only care if they address problems I need fixed and they are stable. As long as I have time to test them I will. But if they do not meet my test standards I still with what works for me.

At this point the released Catalist drivers do not pass my testing.

6094 --- Does not pass.. Explorer crash issue.
6102 --- Does not pass.. Explorer crash issue.
6107 --- Does not pass.. Explorer crash issue.

See my thread on latest 6107 testing done.

If I find a beta driver that works and passes my testing and then ATI releases a newer driver that does not pass my testing. Guess what, I will stay with the beta set of drivers.

All and all. The bug I have seen are very small indeed. The original drivers released with the 8500DV (3286) were very stable graphics drivers.
More stable than anything I had seen with any other card up to that point. I am now using the 6071 drivers with MMC 7.6 and I am very happy with them. There are a few issues I know are resolved in the newer drivers. But it is a question of stability verses features. The TV scheduler for example will not work if the screen saver is active in WinXP. I know this was fixed in the later drivers but until the explorer bug is fixed I am sticking with the 6071 drivers for stability..


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