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Didn't even bother reading all of the posts, I have a pretty good idea what they say. The point is that no other company is supporting their HW as well as ATI is right now. In the 4 months since I have bought my card there have been atleast:

--3 official MMC releases
--3 official WDM capture driver releases
--5 (I think) official Display driver releases

All OS's were supported as well. Every single one of these releases worked on my system and each one improved performance to some degree.

In the 4 months there have also been:

--6 (more like 10) leaked Display drivers
--3 WDM leaks
--1 MMC leak

Leaked drivers are not supported because they are leaked which means they were not suposed to be released, they are not even in a beta form, they are in house for development. Luckily the drivers are mature enough that they usually do work fine. Leaked drivers may or may not fix a problem that you have and they may increase your perfomance. They may also hose your system, thought I have not experienced that myself.

Anyway the point is that while you may be complaining about all of the leaked drivers being released and not being official, the official releases are still coming out in droves. I remember waiting an entire year for Win2K drivers for my last video card and then being told that they would not be released. That was a real demonstration of poor support. I owned that video card for 3 years and ATI has released more drivers in 4 months than I got with the other in 3 years!

ATI has been awesome and I am very impressed with their efforts. If nothing else, that many leaked versions tell you that they are working on the drivers all of the time.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. I realize that it has been quite awhile since there was an official driver release:

Driver Build
Posted June 13, 2002

Almost 3 weeks!!! That is just ridiculous!!!

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