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Default Re: I don't want leaked drivers, I want OFFICIAL drivers!

Originally posted by Coyote
I thought ATI said that when they announced the new "Catalyst" drivers, they would make an effort to have continous updates to them on their website? Yet all I see are leaked unofficial drivers. For my own reasons, I don't use leaked drivers, and would rather download official drivers directly from ATI. If there is a new "leaked" version of the drivers, why hasn't ATI released this version as "official" drivers on their website? There is new drivers out, so I expect to be able to download them directly from ATI!
To get from point A to point C, you must first travel through point B. They need to fix bugs in their drivers (point B, also where leaked drivers come in, since those are attempted fixes) before they post them (point C). They will post more frequently, but it does take a reasonable amount of time for them to create updated drivers.
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