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Originally Posted by Razeus View Post
And I think that's the issue and why Samsung is spending so much on their marketing getting the name "Galaxy S" in people's minds. This go around, it seem they were hyping their "S" features way more than normal. Isn't Samsung working on their own OS called Tinzen that's based on Linux? isn't that why Google is a bit worried on Samsung having so much market share. I think Samsung using Android is simply buying them time until Tinzen is finished and getting a dedicated fanbase for the Galaxy S products, then dropped Android all together. Pretty clever, but we'll see how it plays out.
I think the "strife" between Google and Samsung is a bit overblown. The whole point of Android was to ensure Google wasn't barred from the mobile space by RIM/Blackberry and Windows Mobile. I find it especially unlikely as people like Samsung have no presence in the search or ad space. Android isn't about presence, it's about turning Google users into products they can sell.

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