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dreamingawake is still being judged by the masses


They run terrible? Hmm, well I have yet to play Supreme Commander but STALKER runs amazingly well on her rig. It's actually as smooth as mine, and
the only difference is the resolution we play at. Other than that, it's just owns

her comp:

Nforce 3 Ultra Motherboard
Amd x2 4200+
x1950Pro 512 Agp
1.5 Gb Ram
Creative X-fi Xtreme Music
Windows Xp

680i Motherboard
Core2 Duo E6300
2Gb Ram
Geforce 8800Gts 320mb
Windows Xp (for now)
Creative X-Fi Platinum

And seriously, I almost cannot tell the difference.

Something must be holdin' ur system back?!
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