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nagualio is still being judged by the masses

Default x1950 Pro 512 MB AGP = Wow

Just gotta chime in and say, Wow !

I'm impressed.

Upgraded the gf's rig from a Geforce 7800 GS 256 Mb to a Sapphire x1950pro 512 mb, and holy smokes !! This card is unbelievable ! ( Especially for an Agp card ). Gaming on her rig is almost as good as my 8800 & core 2 duo !

Spiderman 3 absolutely flies on this puppy.. no slowdowns whatsoever, details maxed with 4x AA. (mind you her 32" HDTV only supports 1280.1024, but w/e!) It looks great !

Call of Juarez plays with HDR and 4xAA, everything maxed. -Again, stunning.

There isn't one game this card can't handle !! I'm super impressed, if anyone out there is considering getting this card to hold you off for a while.. DO IT !!!!
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