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Originally Posted by Dyre Straits View Post
There is a Warning about using the AMD Install Utility with any AMD CPU and system. It definitely can wreck havoc on your system.

funny how that same window appears when you use express uninstall from the AMD install manager or whatever it's called

Originally Posted by Pirate Neilsouth View Post
Stop using AMD Install Utility, use the daily-weekly updated DDU!
thx 4 the link

Originally Posted by WaltC View Post
You may have something else going on.... I have an AMD system (cpu/gpu/core logic) and the only thing I noticed about using the AMD uninstall utility is the annoying fact that it deletes the "AMD" directory and that's where I kept my downloaded driver originals (along with their decompressed versions.) So I started keeping my driver downloads in a folder called "AMD Drivers" (cryptic, eh?) which the uninstall utility doesn't touch. No bsod's, no problems.

With the 14.3b's I installed those right over the top of the 14.2b's, and then read that I should have uninstalled before installing--so I uninstalled everything and then reinstalled 14.3's--again, no problem. No bsods.

Actually, I stopped using the AMD uninstall utility altogether as I found it to be overkill. What works reliably for me is the "Express Uninstall Everything" option in the normal driver uninstall routine--everything except game profiles is uninstalled. Works every time...which I'm glad of.

The major difference between our systems is Crossfire...AMD does indeed have some driver problems if merely the presence of Crossfire is causing problems like yours.
Originally Posted by JohnEJohn View Post
Argh Lurk, you should not be using that on an amd system it can severely break your windows install, works for some of course but I have read many horror stories just like yours.

The warning should be much bigger, in fact I would go further and say they should just contain it to a GPU driver cleaner not chipset/cpu, they should be manual update only.

Sorry mang
To both of you, on my previous system (Win7 - 890FX chipset - AMD PhenomX4 CPU and Crossfired 7950's), I used that darn utility many times w/o ANY issue, then it was removed from AMD's website for a while, then yesterday it re-appeared and I thought what the heck. For some reason this new Win7 installation on revamped system (990FX chipset - AMD FX CPU) didn't like what I was doing.
Pulling my hair thinking I got everything perfectly set up less than a month ago, and now here I'm all-over again having to restart EVERYTHING from scratch. Nothing, NOTHING I did last night allowed me to enter OS in any way, although drive content and RAID array are still intact. Can't believe what a nuisance this is going to be, I'm pissed like a suburban sidewalk.

Thx for your comprehension, guys.
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