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Originally Posted by Lurk View Post
lovely. used amd uninstall utility and my Windows 7 installation is fried. BSOD, no repair, no safe mode, no nothing. Since I have no restore points, I'm totally ****3d.
You may have something else going on.... I have an AMD system (cpu/gpu/core logic) and the only thing I noticed about using the AMD uninstall utility is the annoying fact that it deletes the "AMD" directory and that's where I kept my downloaded driver originals (along with their decompressed versions.) So I started keeping my driver downloads in a folder called "AMD Drivers" (cryptic, eh?) which the uninstall utility doesn't touch. No bsod's, no problems.

With the 14.3b's I installed those right over the top of the 14.2b's, and then read that I should have uninstalled before installing--so I uninstalled everything and then reinstalled 14.3's--again, no problem. No bsods.

Actually, I stopped using the AMD uninstall utility altogether as I found it to be overkill. What works reliably for me is the "Express Uninstall Everything" option in the normal driver uninstall routine--everything except game profiles is uninstalled. Works every time...which I'm glad of.

The major difference between our systems is Crossfire...AMD does indeed have some driver problems if merely the presence of Crossfire is causing problems like yours.
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