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Originally Posted by shrike126 View Post
Except my ping so far has been consistently between 60 - 100 on most every map. Even the server I played on for an hour earlier with Dave & Evileh just booted me off after 20 seconds and my ping was only 48ms there.

I'm sincerely completely confused by this...
Dude do you think Origin DRM is detecting warez on your pc and disabling your game? Im not saying you have any EA warez installed it might be a false reading thats kicking in... heck I see i have still have the beta installed and I think I better get that out of there before I get my copy of the game tomorrow...

There was a tweet on DRM along with the modded server issue. But Im not sure what behavior Origin is suppose to have if it sees any 'illegal' EA games or having joined modded servers, likely without you knowing it on your rig...
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