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It's worth the jump. I can't resist posting this video.

Fwiw, you're now entitled to download from Microsoft a Windows 10 ISO and keep it on hand to do a clean install, or a repair install, if you ever need to. If the ISO is the same version of what you're currently updated to, Windows can use it to repair your current install of some minor issues, without even rebooting. Just keep the ISO on a separate drive from your Windows drive.

Some of that involves the minor nerdiness of entering commands, but it's pretty basic IIRC. Lol, I have to do a search for the method on the rare occasion I indulge in that. I now make numerous image backups, and as I only keep the OS and a few programs on my C: drive, those backups aren't all that large, and can be speedily applied.

I keep one backup, around 34 GB in size, on all my drives, and rotate them as I do my backups. The utility for this is in Control Panel, Backup and Restore (Windows 7), and I think Microsoft is low key about making people aware about it because its partner sell utilities that do the same thing, albeit it with some added features.

In my experience most Windows 10 users are either unaware of it, or don't use it, which can be a shame if disaster strikes ones Windows installation.

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