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Originally Posted by orion24 View Post
Now, he is buying a new PC again and wants the same. Meantime he sent me his old PC in order to refresh it with a format/reinstallation of OS and of new games as well. I did that and noticed:

- Lastest official driver for the X1950XT 256MB (all OS) is the 10.2 dated 24 Feb 2010 and NOT WHQL!

Whatever, I said, as long as it works fine, it doesn't matter. I went on installing the games and here we go: TIMESHIFT & NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT NOT WORKING.
Who tries to run new games on ancient hardware? Have him spend $100 on a video card instead of the games. (or is he pirating them?)

An older driver may support Timeshift better. Newer doesn't always mean better. Driver re-writing can cause things to break that worked at one point.

Timeshift works in 32-bit XP, but not in 64-bit. Need for Speed does not work even in 32-bit. NVIDIA cards of that time (7900-7950GT) are still having driver support and the last one is dated at October 2010 and is WHQL. And the games are working.

Uppon hearing this he is now unhappy with ATI and for his new PC, he said the video card will be one from NVIDIA.
xp 64 should never even have existed.

Have him go with nvidia then. Whatever. I'd rather that AMD spend their time getting new games to work on hardware that was put out less than 3 years ago.

This is different from Creative, where they suddenly stopped selling hardware in order to pimp a new model of hardware and just arbitrarily said they weren't going to support the hardware that they were selling a month ago.
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