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Originally Posted by Sasquach View Post
Haha except for Xenoblade Chronicles X I think my entire Wii-U library is now on Switch:

Mario Kart 8 > MK8 deluxe
Bayonetta 2 > Switch Port
BotW > Switch Port/version
Mario Maker > Mario Maker 2
Smash Bros Wii-U/3DS > Smash Bros ultimate
Splatoon > Splatoon 2
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze > Switch port
Pikmin 3 > I think theres a Pikmin 4 coming out sometime.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions > Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore (just announced)
This is a fun game for any JRPG fan who never played it on Wii-U (Which is a lot I would guess) Good battle system, very light hearted setting (very different feeling because of it). I think the censorship is still there and fanboys are still miffed (Its not nearly as bad as they cry about...most are just head scratchers but doesn't CHANGE the game in any way)

None of them are really worth it to me to double dip a second purchase (except MK8, I think I'll like having the proper battlemode to change things up in multiplayer) come Switch time.
Yeah, the big glaring omission is Mario 3d world. Maybe Nintendo is saving that for a slump?
Originally Posted by KAC View Post
To be honest I never even found doom 3 to be scary since I have a big dick since birth.

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