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cmar is still being judged by the masses


My wife broke a headlight on the Pathie. Nissan wanted nearly $400 for just the glass! Told the guy that isn't going to happen.
Got an entire headlight from Jap wreckers for $65.00! It's not like it's a part that wears out.
Another $65.00 got a stock replacement steering wheel from the same wrecker, I even managed to get one the right colour. I've never liked the wooden Nardi wheel that was on the Pathy when we bought it, it looks tacky, and it has sharp spoke edges which hurts your thumb on a long drive.
A recent drive to Sydney and back reminded me how much I dislike this wheel.

Had to buy a new O2 sensor for the Sportage after all. It wasn't throwing codes but it was still surging a bit even after replacing the MAF.
Fortunately the injection system is Bosch, and generic Bosh sensors both fit, and are comparatively cheap.
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