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Originally Posted by AllexxisF1 View Post
I will gladly write up an amateur review.

From what I have been reading, the comments about the blower maybe a smidge overblown. Not to mention that Hardware Unboxed just did a great video showing off the card's new sharpness feature that obliterates DLSS. This new feature just plain works and doesn't require anything from developers.

I'll give a real-world layman's description of how I like the card. I think when the AIB's come out, they are going to swing for the fences on prices to probably $450+.

So I got this card now and another $50 to spend after taxes and shipping. So I might pick up a game title or the AV-8B Harrier for DCS World.

I'm wicked excited guys, I haven't picked up a new card since the my 970 came out (except that time I bought the 1080Ti and married it to my Sandy Bridge setup for a week).
This is still just a sharpening filter. DLSS can still use and display high resolution textures natively. For example if you use sharpening at at 1440p and the game uses 4k textures, you're going to see more texture detail with 4k DLSS with those 4k textures, especially up close.

It's too bad you didn't get to see Metro Exodus with RTX and 4k DLSS, you might have changed your mind. Hardware Unboxed even stated 4k DLSS looked better than RIS.
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