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Thanks for your interest Jim. I've already posted about this in a thread here. starting at #24. I'm not too concerned with my problem as I've put my 5870 with the a10 and it works pretty darn good and even though that machine has the omega drivers now, I no longer wish to swap monitors and fiddle with stuff to see if I still have the issue.
For the record, I couldn't get a DVI signal to the single monitor after the driver loaded. I eventually... after much troubleshooting found that only the vga and hdmi ports would work with the loaded driver. It was an extremely frustrating experience. When troubleshooting this issue, something so basic is not the first thing you look at especially when the uefi bios screen displays then.. nothing once the driver loads. I expect the dvi port to work.. period.
I'm feeling the same frustration with the number of members coming to the other forum with a similar issue over and over giving the A10-7850K a bad rap.
Thanks for looking into it Jim.
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