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Originally Posted by GanjaStar View Post
i just finished playthrough 1 borderlands last night. i've beated dlc 1, and half of dlc 2 earlier, so now i have knox left. then ill decide if its worth it to playthrough the game again.

wish i havent picked the siren though. half the time my screen is filled with fire effect and other weird particles, i cant even see who im shooting or where they are

im also playing call of pripyat. definitely seems like the best stalker so far. if it wasn't for the anoying stuttering all the time it would be an amazing game.
I still havent touched clear sky, and dont seem to like it as much as i liked the first never finished it though. I cant seem to get into clear sky , overall its just a bit

maybe i should give it a chance though? another thing the original stalker im having some issues with it. Im getting really sluggish performance and i mean reallly sllluggish, I want to finish from where I last left off. Im at the part where your near the scientist in the bunker in the wasteland and theres zombies around you and have to protect the scientist, anyhow It still looks good but is just too sluggish. im forceing AA in CP is this some kind of AA bug with stalker? im sure ive heard theres problems with AA and stalker.

Also how far am i near the end?
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