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Mig-21Bis bad news
We beczl studio announce with regrets the following bad news in relation with DCS:MiG-21Bis project.

The project is on hold till the unknown date due we are faced of several development problems in general also a very serious disagreement
and financial issues within the team that affect the whole project finalization and future.

That means the finalization of the MiG-21 and publishing as well is freezes until these issues fully clarified. If it is won't possible very soon we must be drop whole project.
So the beczl studios will not and never been publish the DCS:MiG-21Bis. In case we'll be working on the project closure and after the backers will give back their money
as soon as possible.

The method how we can transfer these money's back to our backers will be communicated and available as soon as possible. We will be contact
with each backers individually via mail with the possible solutions in relation about money back transfer.

We willpost details on, in our facebook page, and also in this forum thread as well.

Nevertheless, it was a pleasure to working on this project even it is not published and I spent more than two year (with previous version more than four year) for that project from my life.

Through our regular updates, news and videos you can clearly see the DCSW possibilities, how long and hard work need to be a successfully (or unsuccessfully within this context) project. We can experienced how
hard to develop a DCS level planes with a limited 3rd party support, but also met a lot of talented and experienced 3rd party teams who's help each other, share their knowledge that help each party to achieve their goal.

Anyway, we wish to all player, 3rd party group and TFC/ED to a better success with the other possible upcoming DCS planes.

For any furter info, inquery and help you can countact us at [email protected]
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