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Thumbs down Wii control scheme is *NOT* just a motion sensor. Get over it already!!

My god, people are so friggin' stupid sometimes! I hate to say it, but they
are. They relate things that are totally unrelated. I find it disgusting how
folks are behaving, especially in the comments of that article (which is full
of crap in the first place... especially with the title being totally misleading).

For starters, the controller in that article wasn't even made by sony. Also,
as mentioned, motion sensor technology was applied to controllers a long
time ago.

Long ago, nintendo made it clear that their new control scheme would be
based on EXISTING technology but be put to different use. Remember
all those mock-ups were based on that prior knowledge. Remember my
little thread on a cool idea for a new controller?? (gee, I wonder who here
has been long enough for that one) It was based on that knowledge of
using existing technology.

Perhaps people should learn about the Wii control-scheme:
1. It's a REMOTE CONTROL AND NOT A JOYPAD! This alone is far different!
2. It senses 3D spatial POSITION and not just movement. It also acts as a pointer.
3. The remote mimics ARM MOVEMENT and is designed for the single hand.
3. The nunchuk mixes motion sensor *AND* analog thumbstick technology all designed to be used by ONE HAND.
4. The mix of the nunchuk and the Remote is very unique, both ergonomically and functionally.

The reason nintendo fans (and nintendo) are upset with Sony's controller is
that it rips the IDEA from nintendo that it's about time the traditional
control of console games be changed. Folks balked for months at nintendo
when they first announced their controller wasn't going to be like the
traditional joypad. Then, when the wii controller was introduced, many
felt it was crazy and dismissed 3rd party support, especially for multiplatform
games. Now that people are acknowledging the benefits of the control
scheme (I think we should that name for it instead), we have Sony trying
to cash in on the change of heart. Where nintendo designs the wii controller
to be the critical function of their control scheme, Sony turns some of the
TECHNOLOGY behind it (read: motion abilities that nunchuk uses) and turns
it into a gimmicky add-on for an already existing controller. This had the
danger of turning the notion of "motion/spatial sensing abilities" into a
gimmick. They wanted a piece of the pie which is a piss-off in itself. The
fact that they "redesigned" their controller at the last minute (remember
the boomerang) is proof.

I mentioned in another thread how the N64 contol pad was special in that
it introduced analog abilities to a control PAD (not *JOYSTICK*) and applied
it to gaming when 3D games became popular. At the time, Sony, CDI, 3DO,
Atari, Sega, and the like were still using D-pad/button combos for 3D games.
It's that same thinking that's behind the notion of a change is needed in
control scheme, which up until now, has been shunned. As said before, Sony
(and many fans) was one of the first to shun the Wii control scheme when
it was introduced (god, I wish I kept links to all that stuff) and now that
people are warming up to the idea, they try to jump on it and claim their
stuff as revolutionary. That's plain old wrong and dishonourable.

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