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Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
Honestly, I wouldn't really pay much of a premium for m2 over SATA. I got a 960 EVO and the difference is simply not really noticeable over my previous 850 EVO SATA SSD. Windows loads a little faster. In games it often makes no difference (or it's so fast it's irrelevant). If you can get an m2 for only a small premium, then it may be worth it, but if you can find a SATA for a much better price then I'd go with that instead.

Personally, I'd suggest going capacity over speed if it is a consideration. You can get 1 TB SSDs now for a decent price, and even 2 TBs are starting to become affordable. If you can get a big enough SSD there's no need for supplemental hard drive storage at all. FWIW, I have to agree that the price of that refurbished drive doesn't look that enticing to me, over other new options.

Regarding your PSU, why do you want to get a new one at all? The EVGA SuperNovas are good PSUs, and if it is the same age as the rest of your build then it should have quite a few years of life left. Unless you want to keep a secondary machine running, I'd just save some money by reusing your PSU.
Fortunately, there is hardly a premium for NVME these days.

I agree with capacity over speed; though some of the slightly pricier drives also have much higher write endurance (which may or may not matter for your use case).

If you go on PC Partspicker sort by price per/GB, the NVME intel 1TB 660p is just a $10 premium over the cheapest SATA drives. The 2 TB version is as low cost/GB as you can find.

The advantage of the $144 HP EX920 is a much high write endurance over the 660P (140 TB for the 1TB 660P vs 650 TB for the HP EX920) and it is a little faster. Note: Going to the 2TB 660 increases write endurance to 280 TB.

BTW, some people have had some trouble finding the correct support contact for HP SSD. Basically, they went with localized 3rd party distribution and support. In the US support is provided by Multipointe Channel Solutions 1-844-517-8295. The customer support guy seemed very knowledgeable and helpful. Apparently, their number should have been in the warranty booklet, even though it isn't.
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