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Default question about shimmering, jittering, combing with some ps3 games.....

Ok heres what I have a Sony CRT HDTV Widescreen 30 inch kv-30hs420 and Supposely it does 480i, 480p, and 1080i, I heard these crt tv's dont do 720p. Ok I have a ps3 60gig connected via hdmi running at 1080i.

The issue is on some ps3 demos and the full game of uncharted and some ps2 games i have, what I see is I beleive its called combing and or interlacing artifacts. When this happens is when moving the camera/screen left and right (Horizontaly) I see still images ingame like a rock, tree, car, etc get out of focus, shimmering, combing, fuzzy, jitter, vibrate, shake, I say all those words i;m trying to describe best I can.

Quickly thinking here ps3 games that have this is: Resistance fall of man, folklore, dirt, uncharted full game and demo, Motorstorm, heavenly sword, nhl 08, full auto 2, virtual tennis 3, timeshift etc.

ps2 games that i have do this are: code veronica, metal gear snake eater, hitman 2, devil maycry 1 etc.

But theres some games that are smooth no issues like ps3: ninja gaiden sigma, call of duty 4, ridge racer 7, rachet clank, etc.

Ps2 games that dont have this are: god of war 1 and 2, castlevania lament, virtula fighter 4 evo.

Any know whay is this happening thanks?
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