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Originally Posted by Leprechaun View Post
Bought a Ryzen 3900x just because the i5-2500k has done its job.
MSI Performance Gaming MPG X570 Gaming motherboard.
32GB 3200 CL14 RAM just because.

I realized I upgrade every.... what? 7.5 years is that now?? so why not go all out.

Installation of everything was flawless.

Here in Toronto area Canada Computers had about 40 of these CPUs in stock day after release. Called and saw there were 5 at one location. Confirmed by employee. Got there an hour later and all sold out.
Drove to Mississauga location as it said 9 in stock. They put one on hold and I got it. The next day NONE of the locations had any.
I got the MSI board as it was the only $200's $CAD motherboard they had. I don't need a $800 board as I don't think I'll overclock this time...or at least not yet.

Only benchmark metric I can provide as it is all I have tried so far:
Witcher 3 - Max gfx minus hairworks:
GTX 1070 on the i5-2500k @ 1440p -> 44-60 FPS walking around
GTX 1070 on this new setup @ 1440p -> 56-68 FPS walking around
So the video card wasn't being fed enough CPU juice previously.
for giggles the new setup @ 4k -> 30-36 FPS
You went all out with the worst motherboard in Msi lineup???
I guess it's the trend nowdays with games; either you are a hardcore PC GAME, or you live long enough to see yourself become a console port
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