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Originally Posted by Melhisedek View Post
Guys I'm coming from a 3570k and can't decide between 3700x and 3900x.
I game, do some heavy Word/Excel stuff, and I do some light photo editing.

As I have to get whole new system except my GTX 1070 (old one is going to my son) price difference is not that huge and I think that extra cores/threads will help out in the long run. What do you guys think?
I went from a 3570 to a 1700x two years ago and had a huge improvement; my 3700x should be here Monday and I'm expecting another improvement there. While graphs showing FPS may put the difference at not always that huge, the smoothness and quick response of tabbing in and out of games more than makes up for it.

No matter what you get you'll have a faster system. The new 3000 series ryzen, especially 3600, offer more cores and performance at outstanding value. A good 470 board, some 3200 to 3600 ram, and it is a good machine for only a couple hundred dollars which is insane. Intel side 8700k, 9600k, etc. would also give great performance at somewhat reasonable prices.

Either way you'll be happy, it just depends on your budget and other needs.
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