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Originally Posted by Jet Black View Post
and I just can't bring myself to play D2 anymore even with its 'upgraded' 800x600 resolution.

Yay D3!
I thought that too, but once you get into it you get quite used to the smaller resolution. I picked it back up a few months ago, played till act IV, but it was a little stale compared to what gaming is today.

I just watched the 20 min hires video, and I must say I'm quite excited. At first I was thinking about how much an Diablo MMO would own, but watching the video changed my mine. Quality Diablo gameplay w/ an added hotbar is going to be a blast.

I'm not too excited about the subtraction of potions, although it will open some inventory spots. I'm glad they kept some of the same sounds (opening chests and items dropping, also some of the barb sounds). The music in D2 was amazing and probably the most memorable out of anygame. Hopefully D3 music and ambience lives up to D2's.
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