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Originally Posted by yoz View Post
Very few open world games are good or done right. Like Gothic games, or Morrowind for example.
I love open world RPG-s. But for me the problem is that character usually gets ridiculously powerful too soon and everything becomes pointless. Mods help but eg Skyrim has no such mod that can balance the game so that even after 100 hours game offers challenge.

Gothic 3 (with stun lock disable mod) is my favorite RPG exactly because character/weapons/armor do not become 100x more powerful during the course of the game but merely 2-3x. Same goes for STALKER.

I would completely remove character stat (str, dex, int etc) increase feature from RPGs. New combos, features and some knowledge increase (smithing, spells) is OK.
Lets say from iron to daedric should be max 2x increase. With smithing maybe 3x increase. This way certain lairs should be almost impossible in the beginning and hard in the end. Either way player has to prepare carefully and take a deep breath before entering.
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