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Originally Posted by Nunz View Post
Take it easy on the sleeping pills. I know this will sound dumb, but my sleep schedule is moved around CONSTANTLY (because military) and I have a hard time shifting my sleep schedule to a new one. Sleeping pills work, but they're awful for you. I've taken a sleeping pill and woken up to pee with basically brown piss; that's no bueno.

I've noticed it's a lot about environment. In order for me to fall asleep, even on melatonin or sleeping pills, I need to have no lights on, no distractions (tv, PC, etc) and definitely no phone. I need silence. I've tried earplugs, but they're kind of uncomfortable since I'm a side-sleeper.

I also use a herbal tea that is vitamin packed. It's called Sleepy Time Tea. I would try that as well. It doesn't have melatonin in it, but what I'll do is take 2 5mg Melatonin while the water is getting to a boil, and then drink my tea while I finish the last episode of my show or whatever game I'm playing, and then hop in bed once I'm done with my tea. It helps relax the body and it's also really healthy for you. I could go find the brand name and everything if you're interested. I know you're suffering from pain and that's why it may be hard to sleep, but sometimes more natural alternatives can work, and if the pills are barely working (if you're taking 3, then that's not only not healthy but they also aren't working) then might be worth trying something else.

Melatonin pills are natural as it's a substance that's already in your body.
Most sleeping pills don't allow you to enter REM sleep properly so you don't get a real nights sleep when using them. Even worse, after you stop taking them the effect of not being able to enter REM can last for several days.
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