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Frank Steiner
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Default x1400 mobility vs. FireGL v5200 mobility for gaming

I've to decide between a Thinkpad T60 with x1400 mobility and a T60p with FireGL V5200 mobility, and I'm wondering about gaming performance. I tried to find some comparable benchmarks for those two cards, namely Doom3 benchmarks, but I failed.

I've found many "firegl is not meant for gaming" posts, but also some "recent games like Doom3 run fine on the 5200", whatever that means in fps...

Can someone help me make up my mind? Any Doom3 benchmarks for the 5200 and the X1400 mobility? Anyone having a v5200 who can tell about games like Doom3, if they run at all, how fast etc.? I'm asking for Doom3 because that's what I want to play ;-)

It can't be impossible to compare those two cards for gaming, can it?

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