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Hyrax can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultyHyrax can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultyHyrax can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficulty


Originally Posted by magik10
As you level up your Magicka increases. So far, there hasn't been anything I can't own with the Master Wizard spell and Shock staff. Couple that with Amulet of 12% absorb, the Armor from being Grand Champion and it's a good life. Start making your own spells.
Shens! dont listen to hiim. i always had 60 mana. I have a battlemage. but customized it to be more destructive. i just raise my endurance, strength and willpower stats. Long story short

Maagicka does not increase as your level increases.

The Core Value: Non-Aggression :(

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Origin says if you are benchmarking or something to just call and they will help you out. God the horror, those poor souls. This is the type of orwellian nightmare Alex Jones told me about.
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