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A surprising leak came from Komachi on Twitter. Apparently Sapphire is *preparing* quite a few Radeon RX 5000 models:

RX 5950XT *, * RX 5950 *, * RX 5900XT *, * RX 5900 *, * RX 5850XT *, * RX 5850 *,* RX 5800XT *, * RX 5800 *, * RX 5750XT *, * RX 5750 *, * RX 5700XT *, * RX 5700 *, * RX 5650XT *, * RX 5650 *, * RX 5600XT *, * RX 5600 *, * RX 5550XT *, * RX 5550 *, * RX 5500XT *, * RX 5500 *, *RX590XT*, * RX 590

We suspect that these are just placeholders. Sapphire simply registered all possible trademarks to save time. It seems very unlikely that Radeon RX 5000 series would feature that many SKUs. AMD has not released this many cards in a very long time.

However, it is possible that AMD still has something to say in the high-end and enthusiast market segments. There had to be a reason why AMD did not name the Navi10-based models as RX 5900 or RX 5800. A dual-GPU RX 5950XT anyone?
Ties in with the Navi 21 and 12 and 14 registry we saw earlier.
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