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Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
Have you tried undervolting your Vega yet? If not, you really should try it. It's true, you actually gain performance by lowering the voltage. V64 just ends up being power/heat limited, and if you crank the voltage down you can usually get more performance out of it at the same power consumption.

Like Ryzen, Vega hits a huge voltage wall, so having the higher voltage doesn't even really help with hitting higher frequencies. You end up burning so much power that you end up getting power/heat limited and don't end up clocking higher.

I really don't understand what AMD's engineers were even thinking, setting Vega's default voltage to 1200mv. They should have dropped back to 1100mv at a bare minimum (almost has no affect on clockspeeds, but a huge one on power consumption/heat, which then ironically translates back into higher clockspeeds). I'd actually say that out of the box Vega is a bad product, that oddly can be turned back into a decent one by proper voltage tuning.
I certainly did manually at first then the driver took care of it and I top out at 221w load now with same boost clocks ~1600 mhz.

Mind you the chip is hot under load at 86C with that blower cooler.
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