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ATI Technologies

So here's the crux according to anandtech..."Looking at the AMD product stack then, the new Radeon 5700 cards are an interesting addition to AMD’s lineup. They will remain below the Radeon VII as AMD’s fastest card – the Vega derivative is still a tier above – but they are supplanting the Vega 64/56 and then some. According to AMD’s own data, the 5700 XT is on average 14% faster than the Vega 64, and closer to 30% faster than the Vega 56."

Wow 14% faster on a lower node than my Vega 64 after nearly two years for $£449 which is what I paid for my Vega 64 AMD are taking the p**s. At $£249 maybe but at that price I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole Massive disappointment and I bet the launch edition drivers will be sh*t just like Fury/Vega/Radeon 7 they don't have the software engineers to make really decent drivers which is why I'm still on Plus Vega cards won't even feature in future driver updates it'll all be about Navi.
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