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* Added new overclocking method for X1xxx boards with Overdrive support. "Driver Level overclocking".
Near the same method first was introduced in RivaTuner and then in ATITool.
What will this method do ?
1. Overclocking will be done by Catalyst itself like Overdrive
2. Voltage will be applied by driver for GPU and by ATT for memory. Only for hardware with voltage regulator
3. ATT will emulate Overdrive job, but will allow to set clocks when you want it instead of when you
run full screen 3D application.
4. This should work even if you didn't disable ATI HotKey poller! And clocks will not reset by that service in 3D games
5. With this method clocks shouldn't not resets when you play any video files (tested on my 1800XT)
6. More stable overclocking.
7. You can create full featured overclocking profiles in ATT and use them in game profiles.
8. For Video board without OverDrive support ATT will use alternative method for overclocking like used in ATI WinClk and also
in last release of RivaTuner.

But this method has some disadvantages:
1. Big steps for clock regulators. For GPU about 6Mhz and about 9Mhz for Memory.
2. Not all voltages can be applied. Try not to set voltage less than 1.1000 and voltage can not be applied if video
doesn't support voltage control.
* Improved Overdrive 3 support. Now ATT will calculate nearest possible clocks before applying.
[+] Added Japenese, Finnish translations
[+] Added option to include clocks in Overclocking Profile. Now you can create profile just for FAN or for Voltage control
without GPU and Memory clocks. "C" means that profile has Clocks included.
* Updated user interface in some dialog windows.
* Updated "New AA & AF Methods" database. Added a lot of experimental options to improve antialiasing methods

Download here.
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