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Originally Posted by Thr0tt View Post
Looking at a few sites then it seems there is no native PS3 game support, possible support via a streaming service for PS1 and PS2 titles later but not sure what the point of that is really.

Without this then I'm not going to ditch my main console for a new one and start all over, sure I'd love to own one but it can wait now I think.
It's not "possibly", they have confirmed back in February that backwards compatibility will be handled via Gaikai streaming for all previous Playstation consoles, including the PS3.
I'm not quite sure how that will work for physical games you already own though. Maybe they check the disk and unlock the game in your library ?

In other news, in the midst of all this DRM talk, I'm glad they didn't forget they're also in charge of making wacky commercials:

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