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Originally Posted by Melhisedek View Post
Anyone playing this on a Dual core? I have e8400 @ 3.9 GHz and 5850 and plan on playing in 1080 res. Any ideas how it will run?
i just upgrade today to i5 2320. But i used e7400 @ 3.6 ghz on BF3 last 2 weeks.

no matters what i did, the cpu usage would stay at 95-100% of all time whenever i am playing ONLINE BF3 game with my e7400.

as for the performance goes, i can really tell it is being cpu bound. even tho i tried all graphic setting. even changing my res from 1080p to 720p or highest setting to lowest estting, and the game performance is still being the same. This is with a 6950 1gb.

The game does lags alot but still playable with dual core, the fact that the cpu will run at 95% -100 % at all time is bugging me.

now i have upgraded to i5, and i can really say that even 6950 1gb does not run this game 100% smoothly

Note: i didn't not reinstall windows 7 when upgrade my mobo, cpu , ram from CORE 2duo to I5. maybe this is one issue?
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