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Originally Posted by Mangler View Post
Why does everyone pretend that "campers" don't get any benefits from the IRNV?
Yes they do get a benfit - as all can see clearly...
As g-a-m-e said before its also my experience that the IRNV eliminates the camping to a given I see you yes - but can I hit you? You`re forced to spot your enemies, move - and use your environment accordingly or move in a vehicle - just like you would in real life...on big maps qonquest mode that is...and thats what it should like or not?

I cant really speak of other modes and maps - as all I play is caspian border - 24 or 32 slots - qonquest...for this setup I clearly see no prob with is a tool like in real life that lets me see clearly - dont understand why the word "wallhack" came up a wallhack read it again XD something whole different...

And someone mentioned "skill" - for me - skill in battlefield means - to know what will be the enemies next step /beeing one step ahead of my enemy choose my gear /vehicle accordingly... do the right thing with the right gear at the right time in order to fullfill my objectives -> qonquer ground..and for that IRNV is just another tool...

Just this:
  • server side switch IRNV /on /off
  • shader fix (blue tint and so on)
  • whatever solutions to spawn camping /base raping
  • some restrictions in maps and modes as some setups clearly not work (example small maps with 64 slots)
  • increases loading time by 2000% XD
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