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Originally Posted by javiermq View Post
Teh intarweb is worldwide, ya know? It was invented by some british dude actually. But youre right, i'll find some deals that apply to me, as well as deals that can apply to your insectoid brethren.
Yes it is, and last time I checked the US was just as much a part of the world as any other country. There are people on this forum who are in the US that could benefit from the deal. Chewing me out over linking to something that's US-Exclusive just because you don't live in the US is just a tad unfair. I've edited my original post to specify where the deal is valid. Hopefully that will avoid further confusion. I'll probably continue to do this from now on to save myself some trouble in the future.

Not every deal on teh intarweb can be worldwide, ya know?

...what was this thread about again? Oh yeah, game deals. We should probably get back to that.
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