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Originally Posted by YellowBeard View Post
I don't blame them, they get the price of the engine free along with Epic basically fronting them Fortnite money for "guaranteed" sales. It's a good deal for them as much as it shafts consumers.

I still think exclusivity is shitty beyond reason and I'm bummed there's gonna be a lot of games I won't be able to play unless I don the Black Flag again or buy it on console as I have no intention of making an Epic account. I dealt with too much crap back in the WoW hype days with people trying to get access to my Blizzard account and don't feel like doing that again just because the account is linked to Fortnite whether you want it to be or not.
How does it exactly shaft the customer? Are games more expensive on EGS?
The only problem is that the Epic store sucks right now, as did Steam back in the day.

I don't see Epic exclusives going away, and it's not unethical business practice either.
It's just sound business; this is what it takes to drag away market share from an already established store like Steam.

Way I see it, it's 100% Steam's fault for not standing up to this blatant call to arms.
Steam is doing nothing to dissuade Epic exclusives, not a thing.

And it's going to bite them in the ass down the line. Epic's store won't always suck and that is Steam's only position in the eyes of the consumer.

There's also the "too many front-ends" argument but let's be honest - Blizzard, Ubisoft, Microsoft and EA already require their own launchers (3/4 of those are already completely exclusive from Steam).
Why should Epic also not want a piece of the pie?

I don't think anyone hates launchers more than me, I absolutely abhor being forced to install new storefronts that require being run in the background.
But it's not going to change, it's the nature of the beast that is Digital Distribution.
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