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Got one the other day to replace my aging LG G3. My first thought was "it's so small!" heightwise isn't... quite tall, but very narrow compared to my G3.

Usually I install Apex Launcher immediately since I'm familiar with it and know its ins and out. This time decided to give the built-in stuff a chance.

The "edge" popout I'd like better if they didn't put the control exactly where I'd scroll right/left to get to the other screens. (would also be better if it wasn't fullscreen and if you clicked anywhere else it went away so I don't have to search for the back key.) Eventually just turned it off because it was getting in the way too much... good idea, actually, but crappy implementation.

The Bixby Home screen... absolutely hated it initially, but that was more about their insistence on signing you up every time you land on that screen. Once I signed up and could start configuring it, it got a lot less obnoxious. I basically hid everything but Samsung Health (step counter, etc) and Samsung Play (music.) So essentially now I have a dedicated "tab" for playing music and checking my steps. That's not bad. Decided to keep it enabled instead of turning it off wholesale.

Bixby voice... don't often anticipate doing voice commands, it just seems weird, but assuming I can turn off the "always listening to you" feature and have it do things only when pressing the button that's fine. Need to disable Google voice too. The one thing I tested it with "Open Maps and navigate home" worked quite well... probably one of the ONLY things I'll use voice commands with as it saves a lot of typing.

As with all my phones, first thing I did was install Simple Calendar and TypeApp mail so that I can get the widgets on my home screen. Ah... so much better... my world at a glance. The tallness of the phone gives me a bit more real estate to look at. Had to bump up the font size to make it readable though.

Yes, miles away faster than my G3, not that it was causing me consternation. Better cell phone reception... can pick up the newer bands that Tmobile brought online since the manufacture of the older phone.

Overall pretty happy.
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