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Originally posted by Five-seveN
Now that I think about it, I'd sit down with Ak*odz and ATi Lover 8500 and talk about some sweet pimp cars. I think also Tinker Box because he's local. DeathknightMAF, leech, and Ralph would be fun to play HALO with after a few brewskies
Speaking of cars my Triflow muffler just arrived today! Oh man does it look sweet! I'll post some pics of my 525i and it.

I had Tri-flow on it earlier, but I was in an accident and it got the hell smashed out of it, so I had my old stock muffler on it.

I'm getting it painted again soon, it's white right now, I'm thinking black, but then I have to get it re-upholstered as the seats are tan now.

I'm so happy my car looks cool again.

Oh and some depressing news, the timing belt came off my 87 325i again! I'm not paying for a new manifold again! I'm just going to let it die peacefully in the garage. If I have the cash someday, I'm going to repair everything in it and let it live a happy life, again. Until then, I love you 87 325i and I'll miss you! (My first car! I bought it new!)

Oh, my last bit of news is my friend is buying a Ford F350! F350! I though only companies can have those, but he's buying used! I can't wait to do work on that!
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