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Originally Posted by evil_chris
Dude that sooo fixed my problem!!

I am dumb - I thought before already "Hey, this must be the iTunes-Plugin that I just installed"....and then forgot about it imediately again.

So I can keep Norton, no need for generic X10-Drivers or so.
Just made sure that atirw.exe was not running, removed the itunes.dll and startet the remote app - it worked without a reboot or so.

Too bad...cuz I really would like to use the plugin, and it works...if you never reboot

I was using the Brandon M. DePesa Version v1.2 Plugin from

I wonder if there is any other plugin working? Maybe the one from Matt? (Homepage is down, link also on

Yeah I am gonna try out this one - thanks to google cache (

Someone should point this out to I was already about to get very pissed with my new remote!!

iTunes... ewww *shudder*

use ml_ipod for winamp! cheers
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