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Originally Posted by Joe_Blough
I built a new computer with an X800XT AIW and ASUS P4800E-Deluxe motherboard. I was amazed that everything I loaded from Windows XP to drivers to programs loaded and worked without errors. The remote was working great. Then I noticed when recording more than one show MMC 9.08 would freeze. So I reformatted and reloaded everything put switched to MMC 9.06.1 and the remote hasn't worked since. I alsoe decided I needed a bigger hard drive so did a reformat and complete install on the new hard driver trying both MMC 9.08 and MMC 9.06.1 but still no remote.

When I saw this thread I thought this might solve the problem. I always left my receiver plugged in when I reformatted and reloaded everything so figured that's where I went wrong.

I unplugged my receiver and did the stuff above (except could not find ATIRW.exe running). When I plugged it in I was hopeful as it was recognized and W XP said it was loading the software.

I followed the rest of the instructions but all I get is the icon in the system tray saying "it is safe to remove hardware" when I run my mouse pointer over it. I do see ATIRW.exe running in task manager though.

When I go check my USB ports in Device Manager it shows ATI Remote Wonder Controller and below that ATI Remote Wonder Controller II (which it didn't show until I followed the steps above). The drivers version for both is but the driver details for ATI Remote Wonder Controller shows ATIRWVD.sys and for ATI Remote Controller II shows ATIRWRF.sys.

Is that what is showing for those of you who have a working remote?
there are different versions of remote wonder software the only work with the right version of MMC. Therefore, if you rolled back the MMC version, you would also have to roll back to the remote wonder version that was released at that time.
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