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Originally Posted by Saggypoo View Post
A lot of these problems seem like simple fixes to me. My only worry and reservation over the game is how long it'll take to put them in.

1. I get between 60-70fps outdoors and a good 80-130FPS outdoors on my Crossfire configuration. However, 60-70fps feels really slugglish more like 30-40fps, while 80-130fps feels more like 60fps... I know we can achieve really high FPS with our setups, but does it really FEEL like it?

2. When changing my settings on low to ultra, my FPS remains the same, and I dont see any graphical changes. Same thing with enabling/disabling Vsync.. FPS still fluctuates and not capped at 60fps. Sometimes I wonder if the video settings even work in the options menu..
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