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Originally posted by discdude
If these are indeed legit, I'm glad to see that the RV350
doesn't require the external power connector.

However, I'm sad to see that it has the same BIG HONKING
FAN that the R350 has (yes, yes, I know it isn't even close to
the FX, but the FX is a joke).

I don't know why gfx card manufactures feel the need to
stick big ass fans on everything. The 9000 doesn't need a fan
but ATI felt the need to stick one on supposedly because
some people equate a fan with performance (although it is
hard for me to fathom anyone that stupid).

Trust me, cool and quiet is good. You don't have to worry
about the long term health conerns due to the noise, you will
use less electricity (both in the computer and cooling down
your damn room cause your computer heats it up) and your
computer will be more reliable since heatsinks can't break like
fans do.

Ultimately, I had hoped that ATI would target the R350 at
the "fan" boys and the RV350 would be significantly cooler,
cheaper, and only a little slower. Maybe the fan on the RV350
rotates a lot slower than the R350?
the r300 creates quite a bit of heat and withit having faster clock and ram + built on 0.15 micron again it needs it.
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